Notes on Perchta: the Wild Goddess

(This essay has been through several iterations over the seven years since I originally drafted it, but I wanted to put it someplace easily referenceable, as there still isn't a ton of information on Perchta out there. As I have time I'll be updating this with new research and thoughts. - M) Aspects of Perchta Lady… Continue reading Notes on Perchta: the Wild Goddess


Short Story: Captive

(This short story was originally published at Patreon.)  Content warning for sexual assault, violence, kidnapping You aren’t tied down, but you’re trapped. How? How isn’t important — you made a concession, you misunderstood, he took advantage. Whether it’s any or all of the above, the important thing is: you’re here, and you can’t leave. He… Continue reading Short Story: Captive