Want to support my work? First of all: thank you! Second, here’s how you can best support me:

Share it

The best (and easiest!) way to support these projects is to share them with someone you think will like them or post about them on social media. Here’s a few quick summaries that you can use:

  • Unplaced (@unplacedpodcast on Twitter) is a fictional podcast about a woman who wakes up one day to find that no one can see or hear her, and everyone she knows is slowly forgetting about her.
  • Serendipity City (@serendipitypod on Twitter) is an urban fantasy actual play podcast set in a sprawling, dieselpunk metropolis, where anarchists fight corrupt companies, shapeshifters fight for turf, and our intrepid group of questionable heroes just wants to do the job they were hired for.
  • Keys and Needles is an urban fantasy novel, set in a universe where portals to another world opened right after the economic collapse of 2008…along with part of the population suddenly exhibiting fantastical powers. It follows one of those people, a young woman, as she attempts to investigate a mystery involving disappearing children and gets pulled into a conflict much larger than she’d anticipated.

If you want to send one-off financial support, you can buy me a coffee over at ko-fi.

Join the Patreon & get sneak peeks

If you have the ability to do financial support on a recurring basis, you can do so over at Patreon and get a ton of bonus/exclusive content, like:

  • Notes on what’s coming up (example), sneak peeks, and snippets of works in progress
  • Behind-the-scenes interviews and commentary with cast/crew/collaborators 
  • Process posts and videos, outlining how I build worlds and characters and showing my inspiration (Examples: Worldslip Book One (Keys & Needles)DM notes + organizationMechanics, Metaphors, and Morality: On hacking games for storytelling)
  • Playtest versions of games and early access to games when done
  • Short stories and flash fiction, whether standalone or featuring the worlds and characters you know and love from other works (Example in-world content: Newspaper Clippings from Serendipity City, example standalone flash fic: Captive)
  • Q&A posts answering your questions about the worlds, the characters, my writing process, juggling so many side projects while also running a full-time business or having a day job, or whatever you want!
  • In the future: postcards with custom art and exclusive fiction, character sketches, livestreams, and more